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Kamado Joe Explorer Pack

Explorer Pack

Kamado Joe Grill Explorer Packs

Kamado Joe Explorer Packs are the ultimate outdoor cooking solution for those who demand the best. These packs come complete with premium charcoal, fire starters, and a range of cooking surfaces to get you started on your Kamado Joe grill. With Explorer Packs, you can take your outdoor cooking game to the next level and impress your friends and family with delicious, restaurant-quality meal.

Kits Include:

  • Bag of Big Block Charcoal, & a Pack of 24 Fire Starters
  • Kamado Joe Grill Cover (When purchased with a grill)
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Cooking Grate
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate
  • Half Moon Soapstone
  • Half Moon Stainless Steel Grate
  • Pizza Stone

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