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  1. Collecting Rain Water

    Collecting Rain Water

    As the rainy days are approaching, its time to think about how you can use rainwater to your advantage.. plus save money on your water bills!

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  2. Growing your first vegetable garden

    Growing your first vegetable garden
    It's getting more and more popular to be self-sustainable and grow your own vegetables. While it might seem like a daunting task at first its actually easier then you would think!
    Here are some beginners tips on how to grow your own vegetable garden.
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  3. The 2019 Chelsea Flower Show: Gardening for a sustainable future

    The 2019 Chelsea Flower Show: Gardening for a sustainable future
    One of the biggest events for gardeners is here: the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show! One of the big talking points at this year's show was how our gardening choices can have important environmental and ecological benefits.
    Here are a few of our
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  4. Potting Plants

    Potting Plants
    Knowing which soil you should buy can be difficult, we have broken it down into a quick & easy to follow list to get you started!
    1.Seed Sowing;
    • Levington Seed & Cutting Compost
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  5. Our Guide to Sustainable Gardening

    Our Guide to Sustainable Gardening
    Being sustainable is important to many of us. As a society, we have become recycling conscious, anti-plastic usage and care of our carbon footprints. However, the food industry is one of the most damaging to our climates, from animal agriculture and the greenhouse gasses they produce to the carbon emissions from food air miles. We need to find ways to create healthier and environmentally friendly ways of living. For those who enjoy gardening or want to try a new hobby,
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  6. Our Top 5 UK Gardens to Visit

    Our Top 5 UK Gardens to Visit
    With hay fever season almost over its time to start enjoying summer and the great outdoors. Here are our favourite UK gardens to visit this summer:
    Compton Acres
    Being one of the finest privately
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  7. The Beginners Guide to Composting

    The Beginners Guide to Composting
    As the summer months are coming to a close we thought we would take you through a few basics about composting. Compost is an organic material that can be added to soil to help your plants grow. Around 30% of what we throw away is made of food scraps and yard waste. By making compost out of this waste it keeps it being thrown into landfills, where they take up space and release methane.
    To begin composting you need three basic ingredients:
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  8. June Gardening Tips

    June Gardening Tips
    June is here again, time seems to go faster every year! While we can’t slow down time we can give you some of our top gardening tips for the month!
    • If you have been planting Dahlias and other tall perennial its important to put in supports as they grow taller.
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