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How to Select & Care a Real Christmas Tree

1st Dec 2019

How Big?

To start, get an idea of how much space you have, you don't want to get home and see you don't have the space.

Spruce vs. Nordman

The Spruce is the more traditional option it's needles are sharp to the touch and tend to drop significantly more.

The Nordman is a modern choice, its needles are very soft, and tend to drop less needles.


There is no harm in trimming your tree, we recommend it. Cutting the base down lets you fit the tree in the stand easily and allows the tree to absorb moisture.

This is something you can do yourself, or we can do it for you on-site when you purchase your tree.

Tree Stands

Don't forget a stand that holds water with your tree. We have a selection of stands available for purchase at the garden centre in a variety of styles and colours.

Finding Your Perfect Tree, We Can help

We understand that finding the perfect tree is difficult, so when searching feel free to be as thorough as you like, looking through as many of our trees as you see fit. Our staff will be at hand and happy to help you or to point you in the right direction of the perfect tree for your home.

Ideal Conditions

Leave the tree outdoors in the cold for as long as possible. When you bring your tree indoors, be sure to keep it away from particularly warm areas or hot spots near the radiator or open fires.

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