June Gardening Tips
June is here again, time seems to go faster every year! While we can’t slow down time we can give you some of our top gardening tips for the month!
  • If you have been planting Dahlias and other tall perennial its important to put in supports as they grow taller.
  • If you have a pond in your garden remove any build-up of blanket weed and Duckweed.

Clear Garden Pond
  • June is a perfect month to prune spring-flowering shrubs, eg. Ribes and Philadelphus.
  • While it’s easy to think in tune its all work and no play it's nice to take a few minutes and enjoy your garden. If you planted Roses it the perfect time to sit back and smell them, especially if you are growing once-flowering varieties.

Relax & Enjoy
  • We know that June is also a popular time for buying indoor plants if you can try and buy foliage plants such as coleus and mimosa pudica.
  • If you have a greenhouse it’s important to think about climate control in June. Try and ventilate and shad plants on warm days, you should also keep the atmosphere moist to avoid problems with red spiders.

Greenhouse Climate Control
  • If you have tender plants in your greenhouse its the perfect time to move them outside for the summer.
  • If you are growing tomatoes flowers (we hope you are) spray them with water to encourage the fruit to set in.

Spray Water on Tomato flowers
  • If you have an allotment/vegetable garden you should clear weeds from around fruit trees and mulch after its been raining.
  • Keep sowing salads and herbs successionally.

Plant courgettes, runner beans, squash and even pumpkins
  • June is a good time to plant out courgettes, runner beans, squash and even pumpkins.
  • Finally, we would suggest planting outdoor tomatoes.