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Garden Tools

  • Fiskars Ergo Weeding knife


    Fiskars Ergo Weeding knife

    Ideal for removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive plants . Steel head won't break while digging in dense soil . Sharpened fork tip helps you remove weeds by the roots.

    Now: £6.99
  • Fiskars Ergo Cultivator


    Fiskars Ergo Cultivator

    Ideal for digging in tough soil and breaking up hardened dirt clods . Steel head won't break while digging in dense soil . Large tines provide maximum soil contact to speed up work.

    Now: £6.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Small Seed Sower


    Wolf Multi-Change® Small Seed Sower

    This Small Seed Sower helps you to roll out uniform rows of seeds swiftly without bending and whilst keeping a consistent spacing between seeds. The tool has 6 size settings which are adjustable to suit the size of the seeds being planted – up to the...

    Now: £15.99
  • Burgon & Ball

    Burgon & Ball RHS Widger

    The Burgon & Ball stainless steel widger is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the gardening world. This unique little tool is best described as a cross between a trowel and a dibber, and it's the perfect...

    Now: £12.99
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