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Garden Tools

  • Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 220-400cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 220-400cm

    The ZMV4 telescopic handle extends from 220cm to 400cm through 5 stages. The lightweight aluminium construction means it is sturdy when extended and easier to handle at height and the PVC sleeve makes it comfortable to hold. The 4m fully extended length...

    Now: £53.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm

    The ZMV3 telescopic handle extends from 170cm to 300cm through 5 stages and is made from lightweight. sturdy aluminium with a PVC sleeve for a secure grip. The 3m extensions means this is an ideal handle for window washing. tree care. or fruit picking as...

    Now: £47.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Aluminium Handle 142cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Aluminium Handle 142cm

    This handle is 142cm in length. made of lightweight aluminium with a comfortable red sleeve. It can quickly and easily be attached to over 60 different tool heads. from cultivating and lawn care to patio scrapers and house brooms. A handle is the...

    Now: £14.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Wooden Handle 100cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Wooden Handle 100cm

    The ZM100W handle is constructed from high quality Ash wood with an aluminium socket and pvc grip with integrated hanging socket. The 100cm long handle is varnished and smooth to the touch with the pvc grip providing additional stability when needed.The...

    Now: £21.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Mini Handle


    Wolf Multi-Change® Mini Handle

    This 15cm mini handle is designed to be used with all hand tools. from the trowel and fork. small rockery tools to the window washer and wiper heads. A handle is the starting point for any multi-change® collection. whether it's for general use or for...

    Now: £4.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Lawn Rake


    Wolf Multi-Change® Lawn Rake

    This Springtine Rake has a unique curved fan shape and a wide raking span which effectively cleans and collects grass from large areas. The tines are made of flexible spring steel which means they will move around stones and gravel as the rake is pulled...

    Now: £24.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Swoe Style Hoe 12cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Swoe Style Hoe 12cm

    This Swoe Style Hoe is ideal for weeding around and behind plants in tight areas. The shape of the tool head allows you to use a push and pull action to sever weeds from their roots. whilst the angle of the neck is ergonomically designed to provide...

    Now: £18.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Weed Extractor


    Wolf Multi-Change® Weed Extractor

    This Weed Extractor is the ideal tool for removing stubborn. deep rooted weeds such as dandelions from your lawn. flowerbeds and borders without the need for chemicals. To use. simply push the tool into the ground. turn clockwise around the weed and pull...

    Now: £21.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Weeding Brush


    Wolf Multi-Change® Weeding Brush

    This Weeding Brush features stiff steel bristles that are specially angled to remove tough weeds and moss from between paving slabs and block paving. When used with a suitable length handle. this tool helps you clear your patio quickly and without...

    Now: £12.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Small Seed Sower


    Wolf Multi-Change® Small Seed Sower

    This Small Seed Sower helps you to roll out uniform rows of seeds swiftly without bending and whilst keeping a consistent spacing between seeds. The tool has 6 size settings which are adjustable to suit the size of the seeds being planted – up to the...

    Now: £15.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Cultivator 11cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Cultivator 11cm

    This Cultivator features three lance shaped prongs which are angled to break up and loosen medium soils with ease. aerating the soil to allow better nutrient and water distribution when cultivating plants. The backwards facing angle of the prongs means...

    Now: £20.99
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