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Garden Tools

  • Wolf

    Wolf Multi-Change® Small Crumbler 7cm

    This Small Crumbler makes light work of breaking up heavy soil. loosening it to allow for optimal plant growth. The downward facing prongs have sharp tips that break through hard ground and the 7cm width of the tool head makes it ideal for use in closely...

    Now: £11.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Aerator 3.5cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Aerator 3.5cm

    This Aerator can be used for loosening and ventilating soil in confined spaces. allowing optimum nutrient distribution. The working head width of 3.5cm makes it particularly useful for working in narrow bed rows. and the backwards facing angle of the...

    Now: £16.99
  • Wolf Multi-Change® Cultivator 11cm


    Wolf Multi-Change® Cultivator 11cm

    This Cultivator features three lance shaped prongs which are angled to break up and loosen medium soils with ease. aerating the soil to allow better nutrient and water distribution when cultivating plants. The backwards facing angle of the prongs means...

    Now: £19.99
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