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Napoleon Prestige PRO665 Propane Gas BBQ - FREE COVER AND ROTISSERIE

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Napoleon Prestige PRO
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Napoleon PRESTIGE PRO™ 665 RSIB Propane Gas BBQ

With features you don't see on the most grills, the Napoleon Prestige PRO™ 665 Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Rear and Side Burners has everything needed for professional grade backyard grilling. Superior heat retention provides oven-like performance and first-rate searing; you'll know it's a Napoleon with those iconic WAVE™ cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks and proximity lighting. Use the integrated smoker tray and dedicated burner to add smoke to all of your favorite grilled dishes. On the outside, a shining stainless steel body provides durability against the elements while chrome details add luxury. Not just durable on the outside; under the lid is the same quality stainless steel used for the cooking grids, tube burners and dual-level sear plates. The LED Spectrum NIGHT LIGHT™ Control Knobs have near limitless color options making night-time entertaining a breeze, and they also glow red when the gas is left on as a safety feature. Enjoy evenly cooked restuarant style meals with the rear infrared burner and rotisserie.

Key Features of the Napoeon Prestige PRO825 Gas BBQ

  • Infrared Rear Rotisserie Burner: BBQ like a Pro. Perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting
  • Infrared Sizzle Zone Side Burner: Achieve ultimate in steak perfection. with the ceramic infared burner providing intense heat for amazing searing.
  • RGB Spectrum Night Light Knobs with Safe Glow: Change the colour and brightness of the NIGHT LIGHT control knobs to any colour on the spectrum or set it to cycle, SafetyGlow still included.
  • Proximity Lighting Display: Reacting to your prsence, your grill shines a logo light on the ground, inviting you to cook something tasty.
  • Integrated Wood Chips Smoker Tray: Add a hint of smoke to your food using the integrated smoker tray and dedicated burner.
  • Stainless Steel Iconic Wave Cooking Grids:The iconic WAVE-shaped stainless steel cooking grids are rust-resistant, require little maintenance and provide even heat for barbecue perfection 
  • Durable Cast Iron Fire Box: Superior rust-resistance, virtually indestructible, backed with a 15 Year Warranty
  • Robust Ergonomic Control Knobs: Ultimate control with a smooth grip and robust shape enhances your grilling experience 
  • Instant JETFIRE Ignition: The ignition system shoots a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually for easy start-up.
  • Automatically Relights: With cross lighting burners, should a burner go out or fail to light, the cross lighting brackets automatically ignite the adjacent burner.
  • Enclosed Cart Design: Beyond the sleek design, the enclosed cart protects the BBQ from the elements
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Burners: Proven longevity and performance, the burners provide the perfect balance of fuel and oxygen, blazing with efficiency and even heating.
  • Dual-Level Stainless Steel Sear Plates: The staggered set up creates even heat distribution and protects the burners.
  • Accu-Probe Temperature Gauges: Accurately gauges the temperature of your grill for optimal temperature control when barbecuing.
  • Roll Top Convection Lid: Roll top lid provides the best convection heating and oven-like cooking. They use center-gravity to lift smoothly and save space.
  • Optional Cast Iron Charcoal Tray: This exclusive accessory turns your grill into a charcoal BBQ. Light charcoal with gas burners and add wood chips for more smokey flavor.
  • Integrated Ice Bucket & Cutting board: Turn this side shelf into a drinks station or use for marinating. The integrated cutting board allows for easy prep.
  • Interior Halogen Lights: illuminate the cooking surface for night-time grilling.

Napoeon Prestige PRO665 BBQ Specifications:

  • KW:31
  • Cooking Area: 46 x 94cm
  • Height: Lid Open: 142cm Closed: 130cm
  • Width: 195cm
  • Dept 65cm
  • Warranty: Lifetime* please refer to Napoleon Warranty Page for full information
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Napoleon Prestige PRO665 Propane Gas BBQ - FREE COVER AND ROTISSERIE

MSRP: £4,249.99
Was: £4,249.99
Now: £4,037.49
You Save: 5%

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