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World of Water Aquatic Centres

World of Water Aquatic Centres

The UK's Leading Water Gardening Superstores at Oaktree Garden Centre.

Everything for your pond and water garden project.

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World of Water the UK's pond specialist with 20 UK stores and online opened at Oaktree garden Centre in 2012. 

If you are a pond owner or about to start your a new water garden project you need to speak to our aquatic experts. 

Pond Liners and Preformed Plastic Ponds:

With over 50 styles of plastic and preformed shaped ponds you will find something for your water garden project. If you are looking for something larger or more personalised we have in stock various pond liners from Firestone EPDM rubber pond liner to cheap PVC pond liners suiting all budgets. Just call in or phone 01344 886591 to discuss your ponds requirements. View the range and installation guides

Pond liner size calculating tool Click Here

Pond Pumps and Filtration:

Most ponds and water feature projects will require a pond pump to circulate water, we hold in stock at the lowest discounted prices fountain and feature pumps, or if more power is required we have waterfall and filter pumps which are capable of shifting more water creating the perfect pond cascade. Check out the range

If you are considering keeping fish or koi, it is worth considering a pond filter system to maintain a healthy pond for you fish. We have in stock discounted filters suitable for all projects whether a small goldfish pond or a bespoke koi pond require specialist koi filtration. Click here to see the range.

Guide To Filtration or Guide To Pond Pumps

Pond Plants

Pond plants not only add bueaty but play a major part in a pond ecosystem. We have all the pond plants you will require for your water garden, whether native aquatic plants, water lilies, oxygenator plants, bog or marsh plants to floating plants such as water lettuce and water hyacinth.

For larger bespoke water garden or lakes we can supply plants to order and even grow to your requirments just call in or phone 01344 886591.

See our guide to pond planting