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Acers and Maples

Buy Japanese Acers & Maples From UK Growers

Visit Oaktree Garden Centre and discover 1000's of acers at bargain prices. We probably have the largest selection of Acers in the UK for sale.

Currently, we only sell Acers from our Garden Centre.

A small tree with a wide range of styles and shapes of maple type leaves. These plants have a wide range of leaf colour changes through the year, prefer to be grown in dappled shade but can be grown in pots or in the ground.

Oaktree Nursery has possibly the UK's widest selection of specimen acers and maples available to the public and the landscaper trade at discounted prices. Our expert plant growers are at hand to give professional advice and growing tips.

The term Japanese Acer refers to a large group of very ornamental shrubs and small trees named Acer Palmatum, Japonicum and Shirasawanum. Most are bushy or shaped like small trees, however, those with Dissectum in the name have finely divided leaves and mostly grow into spreading mushroom shaped bushes.