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Buy Ferns from UK Grower.

Ferns a group of shade loving plants can be used to fill gloomy corners of the garden with structure or a naturalistic look. Within ferns, there are varieties which can be grown in dry soils or damp soils. A good way of making an impact is to create a fernery with old tree stumps.

Most gardens have a north facing or shady area somewhere which is ideal for ferns. They provide a fresh, cool green effect and may be mixed in with other shade loving plants such as Hostas. Providing they remain in shade or semi shade they make good container plants too.

Contrary to general opinion ferns do not require acid soil. They are perennial plants which over many years develop into big clumps bearing beautiful fronds. In winter some varieties die right down and at the first sign of warmer weather spring back into life. Other varieties remain green all winter with the fronds dying back when the new fronds develop in the spring.

All varieties we stock as hardy are completely hardy in the UK with many of them being native British species. All our ferns are pot grown and will transfer easily into the planting position because the root system can be left undisturbed.