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Buy Hedging and Hedge Plants From UK Nursery

Hedging whether you require bare root hedging, instant or pot grown hedges we will be able to help with our expert nursery team on hand to advise on the best hedge for you garden design and situation. We have for sale on our 27 acre nursery most variates of native, evergreen and conifer hedging, from small Boxus to semi mature pot grown laurel and conifers ready for planting.

Bare Root Hedge

A low cost solution to planting a hedge, however bare root plants are only available November to March when the plant is dormant.

Conifer Hedge

Buy direct from the grower pot grown conifer hedging plants. Varieties include the popular Leyandi, Goldcrest Wilma, Thuja Emerald.

Evergreen Hedge

Buy pot grown evergreen hedging plants for the hardiest instant hedges. Stock includes laurels, Photinia Red Robin, Box Hedging, Viburnum and Griselina.

Instant Hedge

Instant hedging, container or pot grown hedging, some grown in 1 metre long trough for instant effect, call for current stock lists

Native Hedge

We stock native hedging for UK gardens in either bare root form from November through to March or pot grown available all year, Varieties include Beach, Hawthorn, Hornbean, Spindle, Hazel, Crab apple and many more.

Pot Grown Hedge

Buying a pot grown hedge will insure you are getting the best quality plant with fully intact roots in perfect condition ready for its final planting.

Please always phone ahead to insure we have the stock you require.