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Pest Control

  • Vitax Slug Gone 1L


    Vitax Slug Gone 1L

    A natural, organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants, derived from British wool Simply lay the pellets on growing media around the stems of plants and wet Minute fibres in the mat are an irritant to slugs and also absorbs moisture from the...

    Now: £2.99
  • Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g


    Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g

    Controls common black ants in and around the homeDesigned so that worker ants carry the bait back to the nest to feed the whole colonyDestroys ant colonies without trace

    Now: £2.49
  • Toprose Bug Killer 1lt


    Toprose Bug Killer 1lt

    Toprose Bug Killer - kills the most common rose insect pests and keeps them away for up to 2 weeksIf your roses are attacked by insect pests, look no further as Toprose Bug Killer will help your roses get back in their best shape. A highly effective,...

    Now: £5.19
  • Solabiol BUXatrap


    Solabiol BUXatrap

    Solabiol BUXAtrap ® Refill to use alongside the Solabiol BUXAtrap ® Box Tree Moth Trap This pheromone refill for the Solabiol BUXAtrap Box Tree Moth Trap means the trap is reusable, and with no water or glue band little maintenance is required...

    Now: £29.99
  • Solabiol Boltac Greasebands


    Solabiol Boltac Greasebands

    Solabiol Boltac Greasebands is an easy to use pest barrier for fruit trees.Solabiol Boltac Greasebands are the easy to use pest barrier for fruit trees. The bands are non-drying adhesive and are pesticide free, which are also suitable for the organic...

    Now: £6.99
  • Solabiol Arbrex Seal and Heal 300g


    Solabiol Arbrex Seal and Heal 300g

    Solabiol Arbrex Seal & Heal is a pruning paint with easy to use brush applicator derived from natural plant resins.Solabiol Arbrex Seal & Heal is the go-to solution for pruning cuts on your trees. Made from a natural resin, it not only cures the pruning...

    Now: £7.49
  • Solabiol Greenhouse Fly Catcher


    Solabiol Greenhouse Fly Catcher

    Greenhouse Fly Catcher can be used in greenhouses and conservatories to protect against a wide range of pests.Suitable for organic gardening, Greenhouse Fly Catcher controls a wide variety of pests, including whitefly and blackfly. The strips are ideal...

    Now: £6.79
  • Provanto UBK 30ml


    Provanto UBK 30ml

    Provanto® Ultimate Bug Killer concentrate kills most common and difficult garden pests on a wide range of ornamentals, vegetables and fruit.Provanto® Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate is the go-to insecticide for gardeners, it is fast acting and gives up...

    Now: £9.99
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