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Kamado Joe Grill Voyager Packs

Kamado Joe Voyager Pack is the ultimate combination of accessories for your Kamado Joe Grill. The Voyager pack includes Big Block Charcoal, fire starters, various cooking surfaces, the Kamado Joe Rotisserie, JOEtisserie, and the Pizza oven accessory, the DoJo.

Kits Include:
  • Bag of Big Block Charcoal, & Pack of 24 Fire Starters
  • Kamado Joe Grill Cover (When purchased with a grill)
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Cooking Grate
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate
  • Half Moon Soapstone
  • Half Moon Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
  • JOEtisserie with the JOEtisserie Basket Kit
  • DoJoe Pizza Oven Accessory
  • Pizza Peel

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